Drunk Drinking Games



Some of the best sexual drinking games can be done either in an intimate setting with only you and your girlfriend or you can make it a party and have multiple people. The ten most commonly played sexual drinking games are:


Nine cans of beer or the floor. In this game you will need about nine cans of beer per person, (NOTE: not everyone will finish this game) a shot glass and a time keeper. Every minute for 100 minutes you take a shot of beer. At first that may seem easy enough but when you add it up it comes out to about nine beers in just over an hour and a half. If you choose to not take a shot you do have an alternative. You may remove one article of clothing to be decided upon by a fellow player of your choice. This game is best played with people you trust as you may experience sever drunkeness or nudeness fairly quickly.

Chutes and ladders. Yes even a simple children’s game is no longer safe. This game is very simple. Chose the shot of your choice. When you go up a ladder you take a shot, when you go down a chute you take off an article of clothing of your choice.

Flip Sip or Strip. This game is best played with at least three people. The first player flips a coin and calls heads or tells while it is in the air, if they call it correctly they pass the coin to the right and they are safe. If they call the coin incorrectly then they must choose either sip (take a shot) or strip (remove one article of clothing). The only catch is that you can not pick sip or strip more than two times in a row.

Go Fish. Very simply deal the deck like you normally would. Each player gets seven cards. When you ask for a card and are told :Go Fish” You must take a shot. If you ask for a card and receive the match then the person who you asked must take off an article of clothing.

High or Low . For this game you must have a dealer. The dealer will put down a card and you must guess if the next card will be higher or lower. If you are correct you get to tell one player of your choice to take a shot or remove an article of clothing of their choice. If you guess incorrectly then you must take a shot.

Ice tray quarters. Color the top half of a double sided ice tray a different color from the bottom half. Play like you would normal quarters. Designate the four different compartments as 1 you take a shot, 2 someone of your choice takes a shot, 3 you remove an article of clothing, 4 someone of your choosing removes an article of clothing.

Guess or strip. Each player is dealt one card which they cannot look at. Holding the card in front of you for everyone else to see you must guess which card you have. How many you are off is the number of shots you must take. The person who was the furthest off must remove an article of clothing.

James Bond. Turn on any James Bond movie. Every time someone says “James” drink two shots, when someone says “Bond” drink one shot. Every time someone says “James Bond” remove an article of clothing.

Aces. Put a deck of card in the middle of the table. Go around the table and each player draws one card. If you draw a black card you take one shot, a red card gets two shots. If you draw an ace, king, or queen of any color you remove an article of clothing.

Thumb Master. Someone is designated the Thumb Master. thought the night you will place your thumb on the table and the very last person to see it has to either remove an article of clothing or take a shot, which ever you choose. They however become the new thumb master and this continues thought the night.


My favourite hangover moveis

In keeping with the random nature of this blog.

Here are some of my favourite ‘hangover’ movies ie movies to watch when hung-over to make you laugh and distract you from the one too many beers you had last night.  These movies are also great to watch whilst drinking.

In no particular order -

Jay and Silent Bob Strike back American Pie Road Trip
The Other guys Ace Ventura Euro Trip
Anchorman Step Brothers Dumb and Dumber
I love you, man Wedding Crashers Billy Madison
Role Models Dodgeball Starsky and Hutch
Zoolander Freddy got fingered Something about Mary
Talladega nights Happy Gilmore Tropic Thunder
Meet the fockers 40 year old virgin Knocked up
Bridesmaids Dude where’s my car Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure
The Wedding Singer The hangover Sex Drive
Zac and Miri make a porno Scott Pilgrim vs the world Deuce Bigalow
Mr Deeds Superbad Get him to the Greek
Euro Trip Hot Rod Pineapple Express
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Big Daddy Big Momma’s House

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